We deliver continuously evolving software at pace using the DevOps methodology.

DevOps As A Service

DevOps offers 5 Cs that defines the overall cultural shift in software engineering methodologies. Infinite IT Solutions Nepal is skillful DevOps consultants aim to maximize revenue cycle by reducing time-to-market, producing error-free products, and ensuring a close association between teams at a high velocity. Our wide-ranging DevOps service includes:
Continuous Planning

Setting expectations, evaluation of existing system and process, visualizing and strategizing roadmap

Continuous Integration

Best-in-class technical architecture across the organization ensures a close collaboration between units

Continuous Testing, Feedback and Monitoring

Manage the constancy of a delivery pipeline by identifying and testing potential risk factors through automated testing

Continuous Deployment

Offer a comprehensive solution for release management, change management, setups, and performance optimization

Benefits of DevOps

Our DevOps services span the life cycle of the software and can be used for anything from customer-facing systems, to large-scale enterprise systems
  • Faster time to market – In a highly competitive market, the time it takes to get your product released can make all the difference. Using the DevOps model and continuous delivery, software can be deployed up to 10x faster than using other methods, giving your business a competitive edge.
  • Rapid delivery – The frequency of releases can be faster, allowing your business to improve functionality and continue to run with minimal disruptions to service.
  • Improved productivity – Teams work together under the DevOps model instead of as separate entities, sharing ownership and accountability and combining workflows. This creates more autonomy and reduces inefficiencies.
  • Reduced risk – Quality concerns can be identified early, reducing the lead time between fixes and achieving a lower failure rate of new releases. This can also reduce the costs of development time and resources spent fixing bugs.

DevOps at IISN

We use Azure DevOps tooling to develop and deploy software.We also use the Agile approach to software development, which complements the DevOps model. Read more about Agile Software Development.

An example is our work with various companies. Using a continual release cycle, the developers work under the Agile methodology, delivering frequent releases through a DevOps pipeline, to ensure the release cycle is fast, robust and meets the continuous demand for a competitive edge in the world of online retail.

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